5 Great Hints – What to Buy in February

what to buy in februaryWhat to Buy in February

February might have you a little dark and dreary – hoping for an early spring. But let these amazing deals brighten your day! There are some great bargains to grab up this month. Here’s what to buy in February.
  • TVs: Those sales and the need to clear the shelves in January are also relevant in February. If Santa neglected to get you the 4K TV you asked for, don’t worry – you can grab one (sometimes) for cheaper than he could in December! Plus, the Super Bowl is coming up, and retailers know you have to have a giant TV for your party! 😉

Where to shop: Best Buy, Walmart

  • Winter Clothing: Winter is on its last leg… and retailers need the room for spring apparel.  They are clearancing off winter clothing like crazy in February, so grab it while you can!

Where to shop: Walmart, Kohl’s, JCPenney

  • Smartphones: Winter time offers awesome phone and phone plan deals.  Since winter is nearly over, those cell companies need to push those sales on last year’s models. Plus, they offer new phone plans you might just want to check out!

Where to shop: AT&T, Best Buy, Verizon, Sprint

  • Taxes: Your taxes are probably the furthest thing from your mind, but tax services are keeping their eyes on the prize. The sales start in January and spill into February for income tax services and software.  Make sure the deal includes the filing fee, otherwise skip it.

Where to shop: TaxACT 

  • Home Items: President’s Day Sales are notorious for great home goods deals!  Grab those and prepare your home for the brand new season coming in!

Where to shop: Wayfair, JCPenney, Kohl’s

And now you know… what to buy in February!

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