10 Great Hints – What to Buy in November

What to Buy in NovemberWhat to Buy in November

Ah, yes. November. The air is cool, the holiday lights start getting brighter, and Black Friday is on everyone’s mind! This is the month where we see the lowest prices of the year for several items.  Veterans Day will also host some great sales. Get excited! Here’s what to buy in November.

  • Veterans Day Sales: To honor those who have served in the military, retailers love to host huge sales!  Some are limited to just veterans and active duty military.  While other sales are open to the general public.  You’ll see great buys on just about everything retailers sell – from furniture to body care items, and clothing to housewares!
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday: This is a long list… which shouldn’t be a surprise! Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions cover a HUGE gamete of categories. Most of these items see their lowest prices of the year during Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales.  Keep in mind that Black Friday is no longer just a day.  We see Black Friday sales online begin a full 2 -3 weeks before actual Black Friday, with Cyber Monday deals starting a full week before,  so keep watching Save Spark for the kickoff!

Laptops, tablets, gaming systems, activity trackers, technology toys, drones, and smartphones are all huge sellers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.  You’ll find them at the lowest prices of the year.

The holidays mean family, and family usually means large gatherings at home.  Retailers know this, so they want you to show off new home appliances! They discount them heavily during the month of November.

It’s just one of those things that sells HOT during Black Friday & Cyber Monday!  They make great gifts, and every home needs one, so this is the time to buy vacuums at their lowest prices.

Ladders and toolboxes, curtains and electric tools – all on sale this month, because of Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales!

From slippers to sunglasses, and jackets to jeans, you’ll find all of it on sale this month.  Clothing is an essential, if not predictable part of gift-giving, and retailers know this!

Whether you’re entertaining over the holidays, or plan to gift a new cookware set to your bestie – bakeware, kitchenware, barware, and cookware are all on sale with great deals and lots of rebates!

Candles, blankets, frames, and decor – all on sale during Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals. Not only do they make great gifts, they are also perfect for decorating your own home for the holidays.

Santa’s workshop is busy this time of year, but so are the retailers! Watch for amazing deals on toys for the kids’ stockings and gifts, because there will be a LOT of them!

And now that you know what to buy in November….

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