What to Buy Each Month – Know More, Save More 12 Months of The Year!


What to Buy Each Month

Every month of the year has special deals, sales, discounts, and promotions.  But how do you know what to buy each month? Here is the rundown for every month, and the best bargains you’ll find for each. You might be surprised by some of these, but as years pass, it’s easy to start seeing a pattern. This is especially true if that trend continues, and helps you save the most on the items you need and want throughout the year! Check out what to buy each month:

What to Buy Each Month

Did the holidays break your budget?  Wondering what to buy in January? NOW is the time to really rock the after-Christmas sales. You’ll be able to take advantage of seasonal and holiday overstock, and grab some amazing deals in January!  Here’s what to buy in January.

February might have you a little dark and dreary – hoping for an early spring. But let these amazing deals brighten your day! There are some great bargains to grab up this month. Here’s what to buy in February.

March deals might surprise you.  They might appear to be out of place, but they are definitely strategic.  It’s the dawn of the new season, with eyes forward to the hotter months. Here is what to buy in March.

April brings rain and taxes.  That’s a given.  Retailers focus on the latter, knowing that you’ll be getting a sweet little refund – and might want to spoil yourself! But, they also know you’re more likely to purchase if the price is right.  Here’s what to buy in April.

May is definitely a fun month for sales!  Mother’s Day, Star Wars Day, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, kick-off to camping season, baseball season…it’s jam-packed with excitement.  And just as exciting are the deals we find.  Here’s what to buy in May.

June brings the onset of Summer, Father’s Day, Graduations and so much more! You’re spending more time outside, and retailers picked up on that. Are you ready to find out what to buy in June?  Let’s go!

Temps are rising, but prices are dropping!  It’s full-fledged summer out there, and with that comes some incredible sales and bargains! Prepare yourself to shop like it’s Christmastime 🙂 Here’s what to buy in July.

It’s the last month of summer, which means closeouts everywhere! School is starting or has started in most areas, and spending time outside is still in the forecast, so retailers are packing in as many sales as they can before fall begins.  Here’s what to buy in August.

Mattresses and appliances and iPhones, oh my! September brings a seemingly random cache of great buys and sales. Beyond Labor Day, there are always specific things to watch this month. Here’s what to buy in September.

Very few things can rival the change in seasons from summer to fall.  And that includes the change in DEAL seasons, too!  It’s officially fall, and the unofficial kickoff to the holiday season. Start your shopping engines, because this is what to buy in October.

Ah, yes. November. The air is cool, the holiday lights start getting brighter, and Black Friday is on everyone’s mind! This is the month where we see the lowest prices of the year for several items.  Veterans Day will also host some great sales. Get excited! Here’s what to buy in November.

Happy holidays! Black Friday & Cyber Monday might feel long gone, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the awesome bargains! December offers a jam-packed deal explosion!  By the way, the top deals of 2019 came from JCPenney.com, Walmart.com, and Kohls.com. Here’s what to buy in December.

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What to Buy Each Month