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5 Great Hints – What to Buy in July

What to Buy in JulyWhat to Buy in July

Temps are rising, but prices are dropping!  It’s full-fledged summer out there, and with that comes some incredible sales and bargains! Prepare yourself to shop like it’s Christmastime 🙂 Here’s what to buy in July.

  • Christmas in July: It’s been more and more popular every year.  Christmas in July is the “halfway to Christmas” marker in the year, and retailers LOVE to celebrate with huge sales! Save Spark will be updating you on all of these great Christmas in July sales, so stay tuned!

Where to shop: Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart

  • Actual Christmas: Yep, not only do we get that surge of fun Christmas in July sales, we also start seeing actual Christmas items on sale in July.  Too early?  Too bad!  Grab an artificial tree and store it away, stock up on fun ornaments, or even start purchasing some decor – because it’s all on sale starting in July!

Where to shop: Kohl’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Walmart

  • Summer Apparel:  Since the summer clothes have been out since March-ish, it’s time for retailers to start highlighting the next season.  They need room for the new fall items, so they’ll discount the remaining summer items quite a bit for the next couple of months.  Watch for great price drops in swimsuits, shorts, and sandals.  Wait until after July 4th to purchase swimwear.

Where to shop: JCPenney, Kohl’s, Walmart, Jane

  • Prime Day:  Amazon Prime Day in July is typically not too overwhelming.  However, since other companies realized how much attention it receives, they jumped on the band wagon and offer their own Prime Day – type sales!  Everything from electronics to home decor is on sale!

Where to shop: Amazon, Newegg, Walmart

  • School Supplies:  Yes, you read that correctly.  Sales start in late July, because in a matter of week, kids are already heading to the classroom again.  College kids are leaving even earlier for their new college dorms, so you’ll find general school supplies, bedding, and small appliances on sale right now. This includes great laptop deals – not the best of the year, but pretty decent prices.

Where to shop: Amazon, Staples, Office Depot, Walmart

And now that you know what to buy in July, check out some more great tips!

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