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4 Great Hints – What to Buy in March

what to buy in marchWhat to Buy in March

March deals might surprise you.  They might appear to be out of place, but they are definitely strategic.  It’s the dawn of the new season, with eyes forward to the hotter months. Here is what to buy in March.

  • Jewelry: Yep. Valentine’s Day was last month.  That means that the overstock is ready to be sold, and since they need it off the shelves quickly – retailers discount jewelry big time!

Where to shop: Kohl’s, JCPenney, Macy’s, Kay Jewelers

  • Outdoor Living: Summer will definitely be the time you use your outdoor items like grills and gardening/lawn care supplies. But it’s the worst time to purchase them. Grab them in March to avoid those price spikes in the early summer months.  Get your grills, pool toys, patio furniture, outdoor storage items, gardening supplies and outdoor items this month when the deals are everywhere!

Where to shop: Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, Burpee

  • Vacuums: Spring cleaning is in the air!  We’ll see lots of great deals on vacuums and floor care (think Swiffer and robot vacuums)  this month to get you in the mood.

Where to shop: Amazon, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond

  • Fitness Gear & Apparel: The weather is warming up, so people are moving outdoors to get their sweat on.  That means that fitness equipment like treadmills will be on sale, since they aren’t in the spotlight anymore! It also means we’ll see great deals on fitness watches, clothing & shoes.

Where to shop: Amazon, Nike, Reebok, Walmart

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